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How Virtual Reality Could Help Paraplegics Walk Again

How Virtual Reality Could Help Paraplegics Walk Again

Virtual reality is a major contender for the next big technology to hit the business industry, and it’s been able to accomplish what modern neuroscience could not. In the medical sector, virtual reality has been tested on paraplegic patients in attempts to help them walk again using brain-controlled robotic limbs. However, these innovations have yielded unexpected, astounding results.

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Sleep Better To a Rhythm

b2ap3_thumbnail_zzzz400.jpgDo you have trouble sleeping at night? While there may be many sleep solutions available out there such as ergonomic pillows, medications, or sleep apnea mask that help you breathe, a new study has found that your brain may be the culprit. The University of Tubingen, in Germany, found that syncing sounds, while you sleep, to the rhythmic pulse of brainwaves helps people sleep.

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Meet Officer Active Directory, The Traffic Cop for Your Network

b2ap3_thumbnail_adirect400.jpgThe purpose of setting up a computer network is to allow multiple users the ability to access the same files and programs. With all the different people accessing the same information on your server, it can make for some pretty gnarly network traffic. Giving people up-to-date permissions with different levels of access is the job of the Active Directory.

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Whose Job is it to Update Your PC?

There is a big difference between someone who knows how to use a computer vs. someone who knows a computer. PCs have been designed to be used intuitively, but when it comes down to it, they are still complicated machinery that requires technical training, because of this, it's best to leave PC maintenance to the pros.

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The History of Social Networking

The late Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens once famously stated that the "internet is not something that you can just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of tubes." This infamous statement was made at a time of exponential growth of the internet. Little did he know that only a handful of years later, the internet would develop into that big truck where virtually anything could be dumped.

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Use Procrastination as a Productivity Tool

Would you call yourself a procrastinator? Many people who have a difficult time meeting deadlines would blame their inability to be on time on their tendency to procrastinate. Stanford professor John Perry believes that procrastination is not a bad thing and has found a way to harness procrastination to get more work done.

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